A Happy Man: In Conversation with Rossano Brazzi

A Happy Man: In Conversation with Rossano Brazzi

By Lynn Florkiewicz

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2024


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Categories: Biography

ISBN: 9781835740460


In this fascinating biography, Lynn Florkiewicz brings Rossano Brazzi back to life, accompanying him through the streets of Italy as he reflects on his life. Beneath the serious Latin Lover image crafted by Hollywood, she discovers a mischievous and fun man, a scholar and classically trained actor.

From ancient Bologna to glamourous Beverly Hills, Rossano’s career experienced extreme highs and plummeting lows. Along the way, he demonstrated courage in the Italian resistance, became an integral part of Rome’s la dolce vita, and, despite an enduring and loving marriage, engaged in many indiscretions with his leading ladies. A heartthrob of Hollywood’s golden age, Rossano was mobbed by fans worldwide and pursued by countless actresses, including one who offered to pay his wife a million dollars to divorce him!

Rossano, along with his two wives, family, friends, colleagues, and agents, all contribute to his story with anecdotes and insights into the man, not just the actor.

In this first-ever biography written about Rossano Brazzi, the author delves deep into his career, personal life, beliefs, humanitarianism, hopes, dreams, and regrets.


Lynn Florkiewicz is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the Lord James Harrington cosy crime series. She received an Audio File Magazine award and recently published a mature romance, You Will Meet a Stranger, published by The Book Guild. Lynn spent three years researching and writing Rossano Brazzi’s authorised biography and became Executive Producer of a restored Rossano Brazzi film, We the Living.


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