Charles Lamb: Man and Brother First

Charles Lamb: Man and Brother First

By David Carroll

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2024


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Categories: Biography

ISBN: 9781835740316


Charles Lamb (1775-1834) was a poet, critic and, above all, an essayist of great distinction.

As the 250th anniversary of his birth approaches, Charles Lamb: Man and Brother First tells the story of a man beset by domestic responsibilities and family tragedy. He worked as a clerk at the East India House in the City of London for most of his adult life. Despite the physical and emotional demands heaped upon him, he succeeded in carving out a unique place for himself in English Literature.

This biographical account not only delves into Lamb's literary accomplishments but also recounts the loving relationship between a brother and sister who spent their entire lives together, often in an atmosphere of considerable domestic uncertainty and upheaval.

Charles Lamb: Man and Brother First is an exploration of both filial devotion and literary achievement, shedding light on his remarkable life.


David Carroll has lived in Dumfriesshire since 1987 and is a former civil servant and teacher.  Over the past forty years, he has written numerous magazine features and sixteen books, including: Leafing through Literature: Writers' Lives in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, A Literary Tour of Gloucestershire, and Edinburgh: Literary Lives and Landscapes.


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