Shampoo and Set

Shampoo and Set

By Linda Sherlock

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 21 Jun 2021


Categories: Biography

ISBN: 9781913913007


At the age of five, Margaret Sherlock decided to give herself a haircut with a cutthroat razor. It was the start of a lifelong obsession with hairstyling. In 1945, as a fifteen-year-old, she cycled daily to her hairdressing apprenticeship in Northern Ireland, having earned her fees by scrubbing and polishing floors. In June 1956, she opened her own salon in the market town of Chorley. Little did she realise that it would lead to a career lasting over sixty years.

From Lancashire Wakes Weeks and Walking Days to the ever-changing world of hairstyling with some interesting characters along the way, life was not without its challenges. Shampoo and Set is Margaret's inspiring story and one of determination and hard work. It is proof that if you find a job that you like then you never feel that your work is done even at the age of ninety in the midst of a pandemic!


Linda Sherlock first went to the hairdressers at just ten days old. Her mum, Margaret, brought her home from the hospital and that afternoon opened her hairdressing salon in the front room of their terraced house in Chorley. As a student, Linda worked as an apprentice in the salon for 50p per week with tips. In 2010, life came full circle as she began to work on a regular basis in the salon with her mum who was now in her eighties and still working hard.


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