Lynn Florkiewicz

My dream of becoming a writer began when I was six or seven years old back in the mid 1960s. My head was always in an adventure book, especially those by Enid Blyton and Malcolm Saville; I’ve never really left the world of mystery and crime. But, work, marriage and folk music took over and, at the time, I didn’t have the discipline to take writing seriously.

After a particularly debilitating illness later in life, I took a writing course and began to have articles and short stories accepted by national magazines and newspapers. I also entered several writing competitions and was pleased to be placed or highly commended in several; this gave me the confidence to up my game and try my hand at writing a novel.  

With the help of a professional editing company, I finished my first full-length novel; a children’s adventure story called The Quest for the Crystal Skulls. That novel came from my love of Native American prophecies and ancient myths and legends. It received some lovely reviews and I’m extremely proud of it.

My love of cosy crime, however, took over. Having read hundreds of cosies over the years, I decided to create my own series and came up with the character of Lord James Harrington, Lord of the Manor and amateur sleuth.  I write these books simply for the fun of it and launched them on Kindle to see how they would be received. The feedback I’ve had, both through reviews and personal emails, has been overwhelming. I’m thrilled that others enjoy Lord Harrington’s adventures as much as I love writing them. My one remaining dream is that a TV producer will pick these mysteries up and decide to adapt them for the small screen. If you are that producer – contact me! For details on those books, please visit: The books have since been picked up by Ulverscroft who publish the series in large print and audio. 

Three years ago, I took a break from Lord James and began work on the authorised biography of the late Italian actor, Rossano Brazzi, a super sexy guy who was part of the golden age of Hollywood. He's most famous, internationally, for his role as Emile De Becque in South Pacific and other classics of the time, The Barefoot Contessa, Summertime and Three Coins in a Fountain. Younger audiences may know him as the man who drives the red Lamborghini around the Italian alps at the start of the 1969 film The Italian Job. During researching the actor, I personally got involved in the restoration of one his earlier films, We the Living. This was made in Italy in 1942 and was banned by Mussolini because of its anti-Fascist content. Fortunately, the original negatives of the film were saved from being destroyed and it has been completely restored with sub-titles and is being shown in independent cinemas around the world. I am proud to have become an Executive Producer on that restoration project and to have attended its New York premiere with Rossano's nephew and his family.

At the same time as writing the biography, I wrote You Will Meet a Stranger, published by The Book Guild. This is the book that I put my heart and soul into after the death of my husband. I wrote a diary for the first couple of years following his death and recorded my emotions, thoughts and feelings. You Will Meet a Stranger emerged from those entries and became a cathartic way to deal with bereavement.

Aside from writing, I am a contemporary folk musician. I was, at one point, on the verge of going professional in the early 1980s and featured on a couple of albums. The Melody Maker, a now out of print go-to paper for music fans, cited me as one of the best female guitarists in the UK. I'm influenced by the Laurel Canyon collective i.e. James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills and Nash. It's now a hobby and I frequent a number of open-mic sessions where I live in West Cornwall.

Lynn Florkiewicz's Books

ISBN: 9781835740460


A Happy Man: In Conversation with Rossano Brazzi

28 Sep 2024

In this fascinating biography, Lynn Florkiewicz brings Rossano Brazzi back to life, accompanying him through the streets of Italy as he reflects on his life. Beneath the serious Latin Lover image crafted by Hollywood, she discovers a mischievous and fun man, a scholar and classically trained actor.

From ancient Bologna to glamourous Beverly Hills, Rossano’s career experienced extreme highs and plummeting lows. Along the way, he demonstrated courage in the Italian resistance, became an integral part of Rome’s la dolce vita, and, despite an enduring and loving marriage, engaged in many indiscretions with his leading ladies. A heartthrob of Hollywood’s golden age, Rossano was mobbed by fans worldwide and pursued by countless actresses, including one who offered to pay his wife a million dollars to divorce him!

Rossano, along with his two wives, family, friends, colleagues, and agents, all contribute to his story with anecdotes and insights into the man, not just the actor.

In this first-ever biography written about Rossano Brazzi, the author delves deep into his career, personal life, beliefs, humanitarianism, hopes, dreams, and regrets.


Lynn Florkiewicz is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the Lord James Harrington cosy crime series. She received an Audio File Magazine award and recently published a mature romance, You Will Meet a Stranger, published by The Book Guild. Lynn spent three years researching and writing Rossano Brazzi’s authorised biography and became Executive Producer of a restored Rossano Brazzi film, We the Living.

ISBN: 9781916668669


You Will Meet a Stranger

28 Apr 2024

When recently widowed Kerry travels to St Ives, her main reason for visiting is to take the same boat trip that took her late husband’s life in a horrific accident. Accompanied by her fiercely protective teenage son, Dan, Kerry sees the boat trip as the start of her healing process.

But when Kerry meets Italian widower, Gian, this chance encounter releases a cascade of emotions that make her question her immediate choices and her future; not only for herself but also for Dan.

Hers is a story of hope, of digging deep, of finding the strength and resolve to overcome one of the most difficult events in her life – of losing her best friend and soul mate. She discovers that, during her holiday, her coping mechanism is helping Gian, who has his own battles to face.


Lynn Florkiewicz is the Amazon number-one bestselling author of the Lord James Harrington cosy crime books. She has recently completed the authorised biography of Italian actor Rossano Brazzi and is the executive producer of a restored Rossano Brazzi film, We the Living. You Will Meet a Stranger is her first romance; one she put most of herself into. Lynn lives in Penzance, Cornwall.