Upon All Men

Upon All Men

By Sophy Layzell

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Mar 2022


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Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781914471223


In a world where cloned organs are currency, loyalty and truth are hard to find...

Faction members Deter and Lincoln find themselves on opposite corners of the earth.

Deter journeys to the remote Kerguelan Islands to be reunited with her guardian, Amery, who has found safety from the Establishment at the Sanctum. Lincoln, exhausted and disillusioned, has no choice but to remain in London as he continues to work on the elusive vaccine... But his already frail heart is failing.

Following the violent end to the uprising in New York, Angus flees to Finland, finding a new role supporting a bid for free trade with one of the world’s leading Biomedical Scientists. Back in New York, Roller and his friends are afraid. It seems Angus has left just when the Brownsville community needs him most. 

As the Establishment step up their security measures, what little freedom the people have is squeezed even tighter. As things reach a crisis point, who will come to Lincoln and Deter’s aid in time?

Will it be the Faction, the Establishment or the Sanctum?

Sophy Layzell lives in Ilminster, Somerset and worked in Youth Theatres for over fifteen years. Her daughter Jemima is the UK record holder for most organ transplant recipients. Since her daughter’s passing, Sophy set up the Jemima Layzell Trust and has been encouraging conversation about organ transplants and brain injury awareness ever since. This is the third book in the series after Measure of Days and All Upon Men.



Lisas_books_gems_and_tarot (Guest Review) - 27 Mar, 2022

As soon as I finished Measure of Days, I had to read on to see what happened next, so I am extremely grateful to Sophy for sending me this copy.

I love reading about Deter and Lincoln. They are not the only POV’s which is what makes the story so interesting. You get to see so many things happening in the book that you just wouldn’t know otherwise.

The chapters were super quick in this book too, which is great. I always find I want to keep reading with shorter chapters.

I love how cloned organs are so sought after - such a good premise that I haven’t seen before in a book.

Lots of action and suspense in this one too.

It’s out today, so make sure to pick this one up!

I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the author for this finished copy!

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