By Karen Langston

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Mar 2021


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Categories: Contemporary, Fantasy and Horror, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 9781913551599



Set in the sun-scorched city of Wydeye, the totalitarian Authority controls its citizens through fear and cultivated dependence. Live music is deemed a threat to order and is forbidden by law. Punishment for participation is severe.

Chase Newell discovers his sister is missing. His search for her leads him to the underground music Scene, with its ageless Troubadours who must risk their lives to perform in order to survive. To do this, they rely on Bluemantle.

As the Authority’s control-obsessed leader, Governor Blix, and her evil-incarnate Chief of Command, Wulfwin, step up their efforts to seize the Troubadours and destroy the Scene, the risks escalate.

While the Troubadours are forced to act, will the citizens of Wydeye wake up to Bluemantle’s invitation and find choice beyond the caves of their own making?

Karen Langston is a British novelist, writing speculative and science fiction for adults. She has an MA in English from the University of Kent. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she was a secondary school teacher of English, a senior project manager developing qualifications for professionals in the creative media industries and a self-employed property developer. She lives in Kent with her husband.


Ray D (Guest Review) - 09 Apr, 2021

This is an impressive first novel embracing a dystopian future when a repressive, brutal Authority attempts to rid itself of an influential and somewhat mystical underground group of heavy metal musicians. The author herself maintains an impressive rhythm throughout the book, depicting the confrontation with vivid descriptions. I look forward to reading Karen Langston’s next book.

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