Funeral Arranging and End of Life Decisions

Funeral Arranging and End of Life Decisions

By Sarah Chapman

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2022


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Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Self-Help

ISBN: 9781914471988


Since the rise in deaths through Covid-19, there has been an increase in the need for personal, heartfelt ceremonies to celebrate the end of life. More and more people are questioning traditional ideas and realising that there are choices out there.

Drawing upon her years of experience in working in the funeral industry, Sarah Chapman uniquely collates all the key information needed into a single comprehensive resource. This must-have guide will holistically support you from the moment someone dies to their funeral, while also empowering you to plan your own end-of-life care and ceremony.

This step-by-step guide will take away the fear and uncertainty you may feel when faced with arranging the funeral of a loved one. It gives you back control in creating a fitting ceremony to celebrate their life, while also providing you with the tools to plan your own funeral in a way that is unique to you. It will help you to decide on the legacy you would like to leave for future generations, and you may even decide to plan your own living ceremony before you die.

Sarah Chapman is a professional Celebrant based in the southwest of England. In 2012, she trained with Civil Ceremonies Ltd, and is also a member of End of Life Doula UK. In her professional life she has performed and taught drama and music, facilitated Singing for Memory sessions (for people with early dementia), directed choirs on land and on cruises, and is privileged to be a mother and grandmother.


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