Some of Millions

Some of Millions

By Jethro Bor

Format: Paperback

(2 customer reviews)

Publication Date: 28 Jul 2020


Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Self-Help

ISBN: 9781913208448


Some of Millions is a collection of personal real-life stories from people who have struggled with various forms of mental health challenges – psychosis, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. They share what it feels like to have various experiences of mental distress, their strategies for managing their symptoms and how to approach their futures. 

In his foreword to the book, having revisited his own son’s breakdown, the journalist Patrick Cockburn writes that the book’s narratives reflect ‘the reality of mental illness better than jargon-filled studies by psychiatrists and academic researchers’ and offers ‘hard-won knowledge’ from people’s struggles. It is ‘a survivor’s guide.’

With mental health issues affecting one in four of us, the need for this type of book is stronger than ever before.

Jethro Bor works with adults with learning difficulties. With a BA in English Literature and an MA in Music, he has a passion for songwriting. He lives in Hampshire.

Jethro says, “I wrote this book because, having suffered with mental illness for many years, I wanted to compile some real-life stories from people in society so that others with mental health challenges, their families and loved ones, did not feel so alone, could understand a little more about these conditions and know that recovery is possible – from breakdown to breakthrough!”


Ceri Rose (Guest Review) - 09 Apr, 2021

A sensitive and informative book with personal descriptions of severe mental illness. Each account is short and takes us on each person’s journey: often involving psychosis; dealing with medication; and trying to get your life back on track. I found the experiences were poignant, and told without self-pity. A powerful book that would help anyone to understand conditions like bipolar and schizophrenia. The art and poems are uplifting too.

Mrs R (Guest Review) - 09 Apr, 2021

An honest and illuminating book about severe mental illness. Many of the contributers have been sectioned. All live with chronic illness and describe the effects poignantly and without self-pity. One of the best insights into living with mental illness that I have read with uplifting illustrations and poetry.

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