Beatles and Beacons

Beatles and Beacons

By Fran Raya

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jan 2024


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781916668058
eISBN: 9781835740071


Once upon another time, about a million songs ago, there lived a musical group on a teenager’s bedroom wall. These persons raided her queendom on an ordinary October day, through her dad’s Bakelite wireless. The song they sang was a tuneful newness and she helped it touch number seventeen in a memorable chart of yesterday, specifically 1962.

Take a trip across the 1960s through the eyes and mind of Rebecca Beacon, who is twelve years old when she becomes aware of The Beatles, at the very beginning of their ascendancy. Her teenage years are exciting but also saturated with angst and harsh realities, made bearable by her icons as she finds her own musical identity.

This semi-autobiographical, coming-of-age story will strike a nostalgic chord for fans of the same generation, but also for the many admirers of the band, who are too young to have witnessed Beatlemania in full flow.


Fran Raya lives in Manchester. Her career has predominantly been in music and she has performed throughout Europe – notably as the support act for Eric Clapton on his Scandinavian tours in the 1980s. Her poetry has been published in numerous anthologies and as a result was awarded her own book, Thoughts of the Poet. She has also had a series of supernatural thrillers published with The Book Guild.


Julia Brown (Guest Review) - 04 Feb, 2024

I love this book! The Beatles music is awesome but I was born too late to have been around when Beatlemania gripped the world. I want to be Becca Beacon! I really rate her. She's such rebel but I love the fact that she is. What an amazing impact The Beatles had on her life! She found herself because of them. I got emotional at the end. Beatles fans MUST get this book. It's brilliant.

Sam Riley (Guest Review) - 04 Feb, 2024

Just finished reading this brilliant book. Becca is so real. She's fragile with an attitude. Praise be that The Beatles burst onto the scene to rescue her. I'm a long standing fan of the Fab Four and their incredible music. Now I'm a fan of Becca too! What a character! Such a compelling read. It's all the more readable knowing it's based on the author's life. Calling all Beatles fans. Read this story. IT'S FAB!!)

Chris Jennings (Guest Review) - 06 Feb, 2024

I'm a long time Beatles fan and favour facts to fiction. However I was alerted by Beatles Book Collectors Public Group to this book and much to my surprise became totally engrossed in the storyline. I could relate to Becca in the depth of her obsession but she took it further and became a singer-songwriter in her own right. The concert when she saw The Beatles was both heartfelt and hilarious. I think this book could have easily been a bit lame but it isn't because it's authentic. The author has captured the essence of the era and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Beccas escapades. Very well written and the Epilogue is so moving. All in all a gem of a book.

Mike Dobson (Guest Review) - 10 Feb, 2024

I love this book. It's moving and funny. It's also spot on with Beatles facts and events while all the time revolving around the inspirational and complex Becca Beacon. She's an endearing minx! The author should be congratulated on creating a highly readable and original storyline. The Beatles and Becca Beacon is a triumph! I lived through Beatlemania and this book completely captures the mood and hysteria of those crazy but irreplaceable memories. Beatles fans will bathe in the pages of this novel. It's that good.

Emma Levy (Guest Review) - 13 Feb, 2024

Beatles & Beacons.
I have just finished reading Beatles & Beacons, by the Author Fran Raya.,
and I have not been disappointed, I have followed all her Randal Series, a supernatural thriller, and they were so good, that I couldn't wait to get her new book Beatles and Beacons, a coming of age semi-autobiographical.
It tells the story of the influence that the Beatles (the Fab Four) had on her young life.
For Beatles fans this is a must, she tells the story so well, of how they affected her and her family and in detail of how the Beatles reduced the teenage world to Beatlemania.
She is very knowledgeable and chronicles their climb to fame brilliantly and at the same time tells of how it helped her to become the fantastic singer/songwriter, author and poet that she is today.


Jack Lowe (Guest Review) - 10 Mar, 2024

There are countless books out there about The Beatles so I wasn't too sure about this one. The cover attracted me and also the storyline. I got into the theme from page one and found myself egging Becca Beacon on in her crazy adventures and loved her fighting spirit. I've actually read it twice because it's got a feel good factor running all the way through regardless of the darker side, Becca rose out of the ashes and The Beatles were her salvation. It's a page turner and you don"t have to be just a Beatles fan to enjoy this novel. Highly recommended.

Gillian Schofield (Guest Review) - 11 Feb, 2024

Where to begin with my review because there is so much to absorb. Yes, The Beatles are also central to this story but Becca Beacon is her own shining light. The abuse she had as a child and right through her teens was enough to disturb and scar anyone. In her mind The Beatles are her heroes and their music saved her. Infact, their influence was so profound that she discovered her own musical talents. Regardless of her rebellious and downright cheeky ways, my heart went out to her big time. Underneath the rebellion was her own good heart, a little girl lost trying to find her life purpose. The marriage between the most influential band of the 1960s (and beyond) and their besotted, gifted and entertaining fan, whose quest was to find her true purpose in life is pure magic. I love the comedic elements and poetry but for me it's Becca Beacon who steals the show.

Val Fielding (Guest Review) - 16 Feb, 2024

All through this wonderful book Becca Beacon calls The Beatles magical. Well I'll tell you what's magical and that's Fran Raya's gift for the written word! ,I can' t praise this book enough. It's so evocative of the era and the relationship between Becca and her beloved Beatles is both fascinating and quite emotional. I loved Becca's journey culminating in her own musical expression. I literally could not put this novel down and I truly think that Beatles fans of every generation should read it. So much emotion and inspiration.

Jeremy Evans (Guest Review) - 18 Feb, 2024

Becca Beacon has my full admiration and respect. I love her 'kick against the rules' stance because I disagree with the strap as a punishment at school and the outdated strictness. She was just a kid when she first saw The Beatles but thank goodness she did. Although she was rebellious and sarcastic, she was also kind, compassionate and fair. She discovered her real self through her icons music but had a rough ride along the way made bearable by her beloved Beatles. Fran Raya is a very gifted author and poet and presumably Becca is based on her own life experience. I love her honesty and wish to thank her for the best read I've had for quite a while. Compelling and so well written.

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