Too Much Bloody Noise

Too Much Bloody Noise

By Eleanor Berry

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2023


Categories: Poetry, Short Stories and Plays

ISBN: 9781915853509


This is the continuing lurid story of Natalie Klein and her eccentric collection of associates, namely the clergyman next door, who can’t stand any noise and whose children turn to crime and drugs, the Frenchman who knocks out the clergyman’s two front teeth, the twin brothers who fight in the hall, while Natalie pops amphetamines and talks at length about Russian literature when she is doing so, and her sister, Hilary, who goes to great lengths to stop her taking amphetamines.

In Too Much Bloody Noise we meet more unforgettable characters through the clergyman, such as the Rocker who never uses the definite article, and who can’t stop making rock ‘n’ roll movements as he talks; the beauty the clergyman falls in love with; and her foul-tempered, crazy Irish undertaker father, McManus, who tries to bring him into the business.


Eleanor Berry has written over thirty published books which are of a predominantly macabre nature in tone. She specialises in gallows humour. Born in London on 6th May 1950, Eleanor is the daughter of press baron Lord Hartwell, and granddaughter of renowned statesman F.E. Smith, later to become Lord Birkenhead. She was also a close friend and confidant of the newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell. Eleanor holds a BA Hons degree in English, a 2:2, and compiled an unpublished contextual thesis on the Marquis de Sade, against the wishes of her tutors and her parents.


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