An Eye for a Tooth, a Limb for an Eye

An Eye for a Tooth, a Limb for an Eye

By Eleanor Berry

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 1 Jan 2015


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers, Fantasy and Horror, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 9781910508596


How far would you go to wreak revenge on the person who has ruined your life?

When Rhoda Buckleshott, stylish young English teacher at Sir Winston's girls' school, is unceremoniously sacked, she swears that she will not rest until she has destroyed her nemesis, the headteacher, Mrs Beddington.

Perceiving her dismissal as an act of reverse snobbery against her privileged upbringing and upper-class accent, Rhoda embarks on a campaign against Mrs Beddington that becomes more severe and outlandish at every step. And as Rhoda's obsession spins out of control, the strain of her reign of terror takes a terrible toll on her mental state.


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