Far, Far the Mountain Peak

Far, Far the Mountain Peak

By Arthur Clifford

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2016


Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781910508206


Rejected by his doctrinaire socialist mother and father while still a baby, John Denby is sent down south to live with his wealthy grandfather and grandmother. Educated at a private school and cosseted at home, all he knows is the leafy London suburb where he lives and his self-created world of steam train models and the Scripture Union.

Then a sudden tragedy strikes and he must return to the ‘desolate’, ‘proletarian’ North to live with his deeply unsympathetic parents and to attend an ‘experimental’ state school that his father has helped set up. A strange fish out of water, he quickly discovers that, to survive, he must live a double life - both sensitive ‘posh git’ and daredevil ‘hard lad’.

Part Dickensian Bildungsroman, part coruscating satire, Far, Far the Mountain Peak is an always engaging, and sometimes deeply moving, tale of an awkward boy struggling to find his place in the world.


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