Diamond Val

Diamond Val

By Bruce Harris

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jun 2023


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781915603722


After building a successful group of restaurants, Val Reynolds meets and marries jeweller Hugo Gilard, and forms the Gilrey Corporation. On Hugo’s death, Val finds herself fighting against managers within the corporation who seek to take it over and turn into a more ruthless and profit-driven concern than she and Hugo envisaged. The battle involves Val’s four adult children and their partners, not all of whom are wholly supportive of her.

The business jungle and its effect on the people within it is exposed in the ongoing battle for control of the Gilrey Corporation, and its effect on a family at a vulnerable time shows the different characters and aspirations of them all.

After describing family matters historically in Howell Grange and over three days of a marriage in The Densham Do, Bruce Harris turns to the business politics and conflicts of the Gilard family in this latest work.


Bruce Harris lives in Devon and began writing after retiring early from a career in teaching and educational research. His educational research articles have been published in the Independent, the Times Educational Supplement and the Guardian, as well as in educational magazines. He has published three poetry collections, three novels and four collections of short fiction.


Rudra shree (Guest Review) - 18 Sep, 2023

•Multiple Narrative Perspective
•Family Saga
•Death of loved one
•Struggles and Conflict
•Business Politics
•Detail Account of Family Businesses

So the book is about family business and how two people came together and transformed their personal and professional life. A man and woman can only be together if they see potential in each other. The author has crafted a tale of two people who were like two peas in a pod but life is inevitable. Val and Hugo made a life for each other and contributed to each other’s business. Until the death of patriarch in the family turned everything upside down. It was like there was a wall between family and the outer world but it began to fall with the death of Hugo and as the outcome Val has to deal with false accusations, conflicts, struggles and the unexpected things. She finds herself tangled in the web of politics and conflicts

The author has weaved a tale of family saga with business politics, trickery, loss of loved one, conflicts and battles. It was lovely how Hugo and Val came together. Loved Val’s character and Hugo too. Love how he always referred her as Diamond Val. The book has detail account of family businesses, politics, conflicts and battles. The ending was so emotional.

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