The Field

The Field

By Freddie Hamilton

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: March 28, 2022


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Categories: Contemporary, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781914471261


Joined by something which can inflict change on an unimaginable scale, the creatures of the Field must put aside their differences to avoid losing everything.

The world is a field, the parts of the field – the Hedgerow, Copse, Riverbank and more—are countries and the different creatures who call them home are us.

Like us, these creatures become ever more reliant upon one another and, through trial and error, have to learn how to live together, which often involves conquest and bloody fighting.

When ‘the tongues’ are captured during a lightning strike, the creatures are joined by something which can inflict change on a previously unimaginable scale. To prevent losing everything they have known and will ever know, the creatures are forced to consider why they continuously struggle to get along with one another.

Freddie Hamilton grew up in the rural southeast of Tasmania, where his family had a wildlife sanctuary. He spent his childhood making friends with unusual animals like quolls, pademelons, corellas, galahs and, of course, Tasmanian devils. Freddie’s undergraduate studies included a variety of courses including urban history and natural environments, as well as creative writing, going on to complete his post-graduate social science degree in Development Studies at Oxford University. He now works in Venture Capital investing in some of the world’s most exciting technology companies. The Field is his first novel.


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