Watching the Wheels

Watching the Wheels

By Stephen Anthony Brotherton

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Feb 2023


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Categories: Contemporary, Poetry, Short Stories and Plays

ISBN: 9781915352866


Exposed. Vulnerable. Isolated.

A collection of short stories – a killer created from abuse, a teenager in search of answers from his older brother who committed suicide ten years earlier, a woman trapped in a persistent vegetative state, a ghost hunter afraid of ghosts, a bullied police officer, a man in a care home wanting a great adventure, and other fractured human beings looking for answers, trying to survive. 

What would you do in their place?


Stephen Anthony Brotherton now lives in Shropshire but grew up in the West Midlands. A social worker for nearly thirty years, he currently works for the NHS and is a member of the Bridgnorth Writers’ Group and the Shrewsbury Writers’ Lab. His first book, Fractures, Dreams and Second Chances, was released by the Book Guild in 2021. Watching the Wheels is his first collection of short stories.


Diane Kelly (Guest Review) - 21 Feb, 2023

An excellent read.
Each of the stories draws the reader in from the start.

The subject matter is refreshingly honest about subjects that are often overlooked and under explored. The themes covered are intelligently and sensitivity portrayed in ordinary life.

Every story is very relatable and thought provoking with insights that made me smile.

Will definitely recommend this book!

Clive Small (Guest Review) - 30 Jan, 2023

If you like short stories, this is a must for you. The plots are intriguing and the characters are brought to life in a way that is rare in just a few pages. Stephen also gives us an empathy to the main people. Highly recommended.

Moira Stevens (Guest Review) - 24 Jan, 2023

‘Watching the Wheels’ is an excellent read. A collection of short stories reflecting the harsh and difficult decisions, in a variety of social settings, that have to be made.
I was hooked from page one of each story and found myself involved with all the realistic characters, wonderfully portrayed. Being immersed in the plots makes the reader really consider the situations and wonder how indeed, they would react. Reality, humour, sadness, despair and hope are a few of the emotions evoked throughout the stories.

My only negative criticism is they are too short! I wanted the stories to carry on….

Thoroughly recommended!

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Lizzie Prudence (Bridgnorth Writers Group) (Guest Review) - 30 Jan, 2023

These stories deserve to be read. Human interaction is at their heart. Stephen Brotherton gives the reader a real insight into the complexities and predicaments of daily life. The voices of these people ring with authenticity. The vulnerable elderly, the overworked carers, the young police cadets, the lonely and isolated are presented without judgment. The quality of writing is excellent. The immediacy of short sentences in 'Pig' allows the space for the reader to fill in the gaps. The use of the present tense in 'Neighbourhood Watch' brings the reader into the moment. These stories are polished, fascinating, sometimes disturbing and not without wry humour.

Fern Johns (Guest Review) - 28 Feb, 2023

From the get go I was hooked! Of the eighteen stories no two were the same.
What I loved most of all was the realism of the characters and their situations, as well as the ranges of ages from the young to the seasoned senior citizens (never old :D)!

Each story transported me to different decades, and some making references to familiar places, and nostalgic songs that actually new and hummed! I laughed out loud (thanks to Rhoda in the second short story 'Black - Shadow), tittered, gasped... In fact I experienced a gamut of emotions that made me metaphorically walk a mile in certain characters shoes and think 'what would I do' in their situation.

Kudos to Mr Brotherton for this thought provoking book! And to potential buyers you will not be disappointed.

Jenny Burgess (Guest Review) - 28 Feb, 2023

What a wonderful collection of short stories. Each story had me gripped from the first paragraph, wanting to read more. Once I had finished each story I was left wondering what would have happened to these people? I like the way the writer has explored all walks of life, young characters, forces, to the elderly and sick in care homes. It really makes you think how everyone has things going on in their lives, twists and turns, things that you can't even imagine. A truly great read.

Tracey (Guest Review) - 31 Mar, 2023

A brilliant collection of short stories, each one leaving you wanting to know more. This book gives a thought provoking insight into the lives of some wonderfully interesting characters. My favourite character is definitely Rhoda, and her spirt for living life. Favourite stories include Black Shadow, Invisible Game and Coats for Goalposts. Highlight recommended and looking forward to the next collection.

Suzanne (Guest Review) - 30 Jan, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Watching the Wheels, a captivating and thought - provoking collection of short stories written by author Stephen Brotherton. The intriguing plot of each short story invites the reader to get 'up close and personal' with the characters, to immerse themselves in the context of their lives and explore the choices they would make in similar circumstances.

Mrs B (Guest Review) - 03 Feb, 2023

I haven't got through all of the stories yet as it is in my bag for my fortnightly train trip but the ones I have read so far have kept me captivated! I have read the author's other books and this one is just as good and i really like the idea of short stories as I only get to read a full book on holiday! Well done on another great publication :)

Andy Mullaney (Guest Review) - 04 Sep, 2023

There were times I was reading these stories and laughed out loud, forgot the world around me, had to have some alone time as I digested what I was reading and the sheer enormity of the emotional tide that had just overwhelmed me.

Not all of the stories were that powerful but most had real hidden messages, gems of characters, traces of the unexpected and all with pictures painted so well you were transported to that time.

As an independent author myself I do really love supporting fellow writers who are trying to get their work out there. This book would be a great gift for someone who may just need to have something where they can dip in and dip out for 15 minutes at a time knowing they’ve read a complete story.

This book will stay with me and I’ll reread some of the tales again. I need to get more into the head of Mr Jackson, from “Neighbourhood Watch” , Mrs Hayley wife of “Pig”, Rocky the Ghost Hunter and so many others.

Request for the author… please write some more.

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