By Brian Luff

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 28 May 2024


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Categories: Humour

ISBN: 9781916668805
eISBN: 9781835741177


Muddleton is a comic novel about the Hogg-Marchmont family – a dysfunctional and delusional aristocratic dynasty – as they desperately try to save their beloved ancestral home from demolition.

When Hogg Hall is condemned by the local council and ordered to be torn down, Earl Hardy Hogg-Marchmont, head of the family, thinks challenging the council will be a wasted effort, until he is visited by the furious ghosts of his ancestors, who convince him to put up a fight.

Spanning a period of two hundred and fifty years, Muddleton describes the history of this hapless family from the middle of the 18th century to the present day. It’s a tale of absurdity, supernatural encounters and surreal events, making it a truly unforgettable read.


Brian Luff has written comedy for television, theatre and digital media and is a multi-award-winning short film maker. While working at the BBC he produced the chart-topping podcast for Have I Got News For You and he has worked as Head of Digital Content for two global television networks. Brian is an occasional guest lecturer on the BA scriptwriting course at Bournemouth University and his previous books include The Serious Business of Writing, Performing & Selling Comedy.


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