Cornish Villages Volume 2

Cornish Villages Volume 2

By Sandra Srivastava

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2024


Categories: Travel

ISBN: 9781835740002


Cornish Villages Volume 2 is the perfect guide for holidaymakers and local people in Cornwall, to make planning trips easy.

In her first volume, Cornish Villages, Sandra Srivastava explores a variety of delightful villages, ensuring that, wherever people may be in Cornwall, there are easily accessible places to visit. This second volume is filled with information on beautiful Cornish villages, with accompanying photographs. Each chapter provides a section on places to see nearby, so every adventure can last a day or more, from coastal walks to beaches and towns.


Sandra Srivastava holds a Master of Arts degree in Cornish Studies and lives in Cornwall. Her first book, Cornish Villages, was published in 2023. She has had travel articles published in print and online. She also writes fiction, including several prize-winning short stories. She is a former solicitor.


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