The Calloway Sisters

The Calloway Sisters

By K. A. Lalani

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Apr 2022


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781914471483


In affluent post-Edwardian Melbourne, the lives of two sisters are irrevocably altered as the secrets and misdemeanours of their parents’ generation have a devastating impact on theirs.

As the belle-epoch and the age of deference are shattered by a conflict begun in Europe, Agnes and Sarah will be challenged as volunteer nurses in a theatre of war that is like no conflict ever previously experienced. Meanwhile, others back home will be forced to confront the sins of their past…

K. A. Lalani lives in Crawley, West Sussex and has worked in finance and accounting throughout his career. He has a passion for history and reached the semi-final stage on BBC Mastermind in 2018/19. He is the author of Unto the Skies, the biography of Amy Johnson and The Rules of Engagement, his first historical novel.


Guest Reviewer (Guest Review) - 18 Oct, 2023

The gift of story-telling is present throughout!

Have seen details of this author's next release on various sites and decided to sample an earlier work while I wait
and I have to say the gift of good story-telling is present throughout this compelling tale of intrigue, lust and duty
set against the Gallipoli campaign during WWI. Agnes is the kind of heroine a reader wants to root for and she,
her sister the supporting cast, add to the story, which is well imagined and deftly researched.

A hugely satisfying read!

Guest Reviewer (Guest Review) - 27 Mar, 2023


This novel pulled me in from the start. The period is well researched and beautifully evoked and as a whole the story was absorbing. Would highly recommend this author[s] books and look forward to future titles!

Guest (Guest Review) - 19 Aug, 2022

"Thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The author has evidently done their research, and there a few plot twists to keep the reader's interest engaged. No spoilers, however the conclusion may have some readers surprised. Worth a look!"

Guest Reviewer (Guest Review) - 21 Jun, 2023

Very Satisfying

Having discovered via the publisher[s] site this author has a new book coming later in the year, decided to try this one and was pleasantly surprised. It's a well researched

page turning read that will delight any reader interested in the period. Multiple exotic locations and a few plot twists add to the overall impression. this is well worth a read!

Guest (Guest Review) - 10 Jun, 2022

This talented author has produced another compelling WWI themed novel. There are some intriguing plot twists in this book and it's fair to say a couple of characters have more than edge to them compared to his previous book. The attention to historical detail is still present along with a genuine grasp of the period. I would strongly encourage readers who have enjoyed The Rules Engagement to give this author's latest offering their consideration.

Graham Page (Guest Review) - 07 Jul, 2022

Having read and enjoyed both previous books by this author, I was looking forward to enjoying his latest offering. Once again he has shown extensive knowledge of the period he has set his book in and the partial Australian setting is vastly different from the one chosen for his previous novel. There are some intriguing plot twists in this book which keep the reader’s attention engaged and the dramatic finale is equally compelling. I would recommend this book and look forward to what this talented author will offer next.

Guest Reviewer (Guest Review) - 16 May, 2023

Eminently readable!

This author and their work were recommended to me and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The period is well researched, although it wears it's historical background lightly and overall the story is character driven. I am going to read other titles and will look forward to anything new. On the strength of this I strongly urge readers to check out this author.

Rachael (Guest Review) - 13 Jul, 2022

The WWI period has been brought to life in this book, just as I would have expected from K A Lalani. Attention to historical detail brings the story alive and the twists in the plot of this novel are intriguing and hold your attention all the way. Well worth reading.

Guest (Guest Review) - 16 Nov, 2022

An Enjoyable read!

Hugely enjoyable. I read this latest offering from the author at something of a gallop, eager to learn what surprises the plot had to offer
and was satisfied with the conclusion. WWI is clearly a subject that interests the author, as I have learnt his previous novel covered the
same period. Will look forward to his next offering!

Derek Pilcher (Guest Review) - 11 Dec, 2022

Just to say that I really enjoyed this reading the latest book from this author, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It takes you straight
into the story and has a clever twist at the end. I look forward to hearing about this author's next one.

Del Boy Eastbourne

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