An Actor's Life in 12 Productions

An Actor's Life in 12 Productions

By Oliver Ford Davies

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Publication Date: 28 Nov 2022


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Categories: Media and the Arts, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781915352033


The director Peter Dews prophesied: “You’ll be alright when you’re forty, and even better when you’re fifty.” It turns out that Peter Dews was right, almost to the month.

In a study of British theatre through a varied acting career spanning over sixty years, Oliver Ford Davies explores the many changes within the performing arts scene through his experiences on various stages, in a variety of productions, across the country.

Davies charts the ups and downs of British theatre in the last sixty years, while offering a unique perspective on life behind the curtain and the daring journey from leaving behind an academic career and into acting.

From Shakespeare to Shaw, Chekhov to Pirandello, this is the story of an actor initially struggling to make a mark before making his breakthrough at fifty, winning the Olivier Best Actor award and being propelled into thirty years of leading roles.

Oliver Ford Davies is an actor and Honorary Associate Artist of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Through his acting career, he has played major roles for the RSC, including Polonius in David Tennant’s Hamlet, and the National Theatre, including David Hare’s Racing Demon (Olivier Award, Best Actor, 1990). His work ranges from three Star Wars films and Game of Thrones to a regular role in Kavanagh QC. He has also been a university lecturer and a regional drama critic for the Guardian.


J Mortimer (Guest Review) - 07 Feb, 2024

A fabulous book that everyone should read, especially those aspiring to tread the boards. Oliver Ford Davies has written a wonderfully indepth insight to a long career and how it might not quite have been so. No ghost writers round here! The truest of accounts and I could not put it down. I will never understand why more people haven't heard of this legend.

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