Nicholas Hill

Now I'm on the wrong side of sixty, I sometimes look back and wonder how things might have turned out differently.

What if I'd not taken that job or done that big deal. Or not gone on that trip when I met my wife?

Then there are the guys who've influenced me, not always in a good way. What if I hadn’t met them?

In "The Journey", Simon has his life mapped out, but things happen, and he has to keep recalculating his route.

Like the GPS when you miss a turn.

Except in life, there’s no guarantee you'll arrive where you expected.

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ISBN: 9781914471964


The Journey

28 Jun 2022

After years of hard work and sacrifice, Simon has a good family, a beautiful home and a successful luxury car dealership.

Then a tragic accident shatters his world, and the more he struggles to hold his life together, the more it seems to fall apart. Relationships are under pressure, and as he struggles to handle his grief, there is trouble brewing that could destroy everything he has worked for.

With the looming threat of years in prison, financial ruin and the loss of his family and friends – the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Can Simon save his family and find happiness again?

Nicholas Hill is a commercial property developer in the South of France, where he lives with his wife, Samantha and their three young children. He is 63 and was brought up in Snowdonia and the Wirral before studying at the London School of Economics. A Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, he has spent most of his working life in Africa and Continental Europe.