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ISBN: 9781914471957


Reginald Belcik and the Mystery of the Diamonds

28 Jun 2022

Retired engineer and widower Reginald lives alone in a nice apartment complex.

When he receives an unexpected visit from the president of the resident’s association, he’s suddenly asked to take over as building manager. The reason? The young lady that he will inherit the position from has recently been murdered.

Reginald accepts the position – and the keys – to begin his new responsibilities, and it’s then that he discovers a shoebox full of diamonds.

Entangled in the mystery of the woman’s death, and falling fast for her mother, Reginald digs for answers… but this plot goes deeper than even he could anticipate.

Born in Antwerp in 1931, Roger Blieck became an engineer after attending the University of Leuven and worked at the Antwerp Gas Company. Roger started to write after his daughter was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in 2017, and has since published five stories in French, four in Spanish and one in Dutch. Reginald Belcik and the Mystery of the Diamonds is his debut novel in English.