Rosie Parker

Rosie Parker is the pen name of Rosemary Dun who has also published a romcom with Sphere entitled The Trouble With Love. She is delighted that her debut novel Only Hummingbirds Fly Backwards as Rosie Parker is published by The Book Guild.

Rosie/ Rosemary is very active on the literary scene in Bristol and used to host a monthly event called Big Mouth Cabaret. She's a novelist, short story writer, poet, performance poet, and sometime standup comedian. She's won prizes for short stories and poetry, has been published in anthologies plus magazines, and her novel The Trouble With Love was the runner up at the Romance Festival's new author prize.

She is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, teaching creative writing to undergraduates as well as on their M.A. Creative Writing course. Rosemary also teaches novel writing at Bristol Folk House, as well as running workshops at many literary festivals and conferences. She's also a freelance tutor and mentor.

She lives on the Somerset coast and can see Wales from her back garden! She finally has her dream writing shed - painted blue - which is used exclusively for novel writing. She's rep'd by Kate Hordern of KLHA.

Rosie Parker's Books

ISBN: 9781914471117


Only Hummingbirds Fly Backwards

28 Mar 2022

Ronnie and Jake are twins – obviously not identical, but close as. They even have that twin intuition thing going on. 

Ronnie lives with her soon-to-be husband and new-born baby, and Jake is happily married with two daughters. One sunny April day, he hops onto somebody else’s motorbike to ride home when a horrific crash leaves him lying brain injured on the road.

On hearing the news Ronnie rushes to Jake’s bedside. Having once been a physiotherapist, she knows it’s bad, and her life threatens to crack apart as she begs him to return to her.

Fifteen months later, it’s suggested by Jake’s wife that the two families go away to Brittany, France, on holiday. But surely, it’s too soon, thinks Ronnie. The tensions and events which follow threaten to rock both Ronnie’s marriage and her relationship with her sister-in-law, as she tries to reach Jake. And when secrets from their past begin to surface, will Ronnie seek comfort from another man?

At the heart of it all is Jake, who is more than her brother, he is her twin. Once they floated side by side in their mother’s womb. Can Ronnie somehow remind him of the person he once was, or is he changed forever? 

The world turns with or without them, a butterfly flaps its wings, and only hummingbirds fly backwards.

“Rosie Parker has woven together a poignant tale of heartbreak, love and loss – done so with her familiar mix of warmth, humour and empathy.” – Lola Jaye author of The Attic Child

Rosie Parker had a portfolio career including physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation and disability research, before returning to her first love, creative writing. She now has an MA in Creative Writing and is a tutor in Creative Writing at The Open University. A spoken word performer and novelist, Rosie writes in her blue shed on a hill overlooking the Bristol Channel. 

Rosie Parker identifies as a disabled author living with hypermobile-Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and this is her debut novel.