Bridget M. Beauchamp

Bridget M. Beauchamp spent her childhood in Suffolk on the coast near Aldeburgh. She has fond memories of desolate shingle beaches, attractive fishing villages, quiet reed bordered waterways and huge watercolour skies. Intrigued by stories of smuggling along these coasts, told to her by her mother, who ran the local school, Bridget was inspired to include her love of nature, landscape, English literature and history in her own interpretation.

Bridget trained as a Graphic Designer in West Sussex and worked as book designer in London in the 1970’s. She moved to Cumbria in the 80’s where she raised a family and where she lives today as a retired grandmother.

Bridget enjoys painting, walking, gardening, reading and writing and has a great love of Britain, it’s rich history, culture, landscape, nature and literature. She recently published her first novel ‘Maiden of Middleham’ which is an historical romance based around the life of Richard III, set at Middleham Castle in Wensleydale and which she hopes will paint a more realistic picture of this most tragic and much maligned king, in a fusion of fact and fiction.

‘Whispers in the Shingle’ is Bridget’s second novel, which was inspired by childhood memories of Suffolk's lonely coast. She has endeavoured to conjure up life in late 18th century coastal villages, where graceful sailing ships plied the waters of the North Sea and where poverty drove many to a life of crime, encouraged and abetted by those who benefitted from it, or were persuaded to turn a blind eye.  A fictional tale of love and loss, desire, intrigue, revenge and death, Bridget hopes 'Whispers in the Shingle' will appeal to those who love the evocative landscapes of Suffolk, from murmuring reed beds to shifting shingle banks, tales of times gone by and the lives that were shaped by their environment.

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ISBN: 9781915352842


Whispers in the Shingle

28 Feb 2023

1780. A time when graceful sailing ships plied the waters of the North Sea by day, but engaged lawlessness and subterfuge against His Majesty’s excisemen by night. Kate Goldsmith, a young woman from Orford, falls in love with a dashing young sailor, but there is more to him than first appears. When she finds out the truth, she hides it from her family and the respectable miller’s son who has come to court her. However, when Jack clashes with the preventive service and finds himself on the run, Kate becomes involved in his escape and unwittingly starts a feud between her two suitors.

Set amongst the marshy waterways, rustling reed beds and windblown heaths of Suffolk, Whispers in the Shingle tells a story of ordinary eighteenth-century folk, whose poverty drove many to a life of crime, encouraged and abetted by those who benefited from it.


Bridget M. Beauchamp spent her childhood on the Suffolk coast. Fond memories of desolate shingle beaches, quiet waterways and huge watercolour skies stayed with her. Inspired by a love of nature, landscape, literature and history, she was inspired to write Whispers in the Shingle.