Susie Green

Susie has written her first book A Most Precious gift, true stories from her time as a Registered Care Home Manager.

This is a beautiful book full of love and kindness and shines a light on the wonderful work being done to take care of those who are most vulnerable.  A book to have by your bedside. ( Quote by Lorraine Kelly)

Susie has Nursed for 35 Years, as a Staff Nurse in a private hospital, GP Nurse, School Nurse and Registered Care Home Manager.

She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, 2 Whippets and Eric, a very large British Shorthair cat.

Susie is planning her second book, a novel.








Susie Green's Books

ISBN: 9781915352361


A Most Precious Gift

28 Nov 2022

Come through the doors of the care homes with the care home manager, the home to our elderly, vulnerable adults, their final home. Experience the day-to-day life as a Registered manager and share some of her tales she tells.

Susie tells her tales of horror and heartbreak but also those that will make you laugh and smile and happenings you will find unbelievable… Life in a care home, written by a care home manager.

This little book will touch hearts and give an understanding of what it means to work in our care homes, the people we meet and those we care for, and those we work with.

A Most Precious Gift is a token of thanks to all our staff that work in care homes and for those that showed their commitment and empathy working through the Covid Pandemic.


Susie Green started her nurse training in 1978, qualifying in the early 80’s. She has worked on general wards, as a GP nurse and a school Nurse. She spent the last 6 years of her career as a Care Home Manager, turning struggling homes around. Susie lives in a 17th century cottage in Oxfordshire with her husband, 2 whippets Albert and Annabelle and a very large British Shorthair cat called Eric.