Ellie Joyce

Ellie was brought up in Belfast during the Troubles when flag-waving and fighting, bodies in bin-bags and bullets and bombs were an everyday occurrence.

With a passion for history, she became interested in early emigration from Ireland, and discovered the Irish were already sailing to the New World long before the Great Hunger of 1845. Young Eagle Rising is the story of what might have happened to one such family.

Ellie holds an A.L.A.M (Acting Dip. L.A.M.D.A.). She and her husband have four children. Somewhere along the way she discovered she could place her imagination on paper and writing became an insatiable urge. Young Eagle Rising is the result.



Ellie Joyce's Books

ISBN: 9781915122957


Young Eagle Rising

28 Sep 2022

Ireland 1735. Thirteen-year-old William Baxter has a grandmother with peculiar powers – so peculiar he believes she must be a witch. Taking this secret with him, he reluctantly sails with his family to the New World and the promise of a better life.

But Pennsylvania proves to be a savage, unforgiving place rife with warring tribes, slavery and dangerous animals. When William's life suddenly takes a terrifying turn, he is thrust headlong into a battle for survival. Consumed with hatred for those responsible, he desperately wants to return to Ireland, but the coast is one hundred miles away and the trail runs through native territory. Alone and frightened, he sets out on what becomes the journey of a lifetime, determined to survive and have his revenge.

Young Eagle Rising is a coming-of-age story, a mix of fantasy, history, adventure and the enduring love of an old Irish witch.


Ellie Joyce was born and raised in Belfast. She holds an A.L.A.M. (Dip. Acting) from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She and her husband have four children and live in Leicestershire. Young Eagle Rising is her debut novel.