Kristina Jenica Miles

An American native, Kristina Jenica Miles now resides in her mother's home country of Sweden with her Austrailan husband and their four-legged fur baby. She has a Master's Degree in Marketing Management and works as a Marketing Director for an international tech company. Her passions include traveling, gardening and reading (ideally outside with her dog in her lap). 

Kristina's first novel, Being 1 in 8: A type A's guide to surviving fertility challenges, IVF and loss takes the reader through Kristina's second full-time job: navigating infertilty. To follow Kristina and her tips on fertility challenges follow her on Instagram @being1in8

Kristina Jenica Miles's Books

ISBN: 9781915122544


Being 1 in 8: A type A’s guide to surviving fertility challenges, IVF and loss

28 Aug 2022

Kristina Jenica Miles is 1 in 8. She unexpectedly joined the club of millions of women warriors who are silently battling the lonely and terrifying journey of infertility. Kristina, like her fellow warriors, has tried just about everything she can to get pregnant… including eating a pigeon.

Join Kristina as she takes you through her long, unfinished journey with a dash of humour, including Western and Eastern medicine, several rounds of IVF in multiple countries, and coping with devastating loss. Her memoir is built as a guide for women dealing with their own fertility challenges, but also includes guidance for those looking to learn to support someone else dealing with infertility.

She outlines helpful tips, best books, and everything she wished she had known before walking into each step of her journey. Kristina’s unique perspective from a woman in the trenches of infertility, beautifully describes the true fear and hope that exists in life put on hold due to fertility challenges.


Kristina Jenica Miles is an expat, marketing director, wife, dog mom and long-term infertility warrior. Originally from Washington D.C. she now resides in her mother’s home country of Sweden. Her determination to solve her fertility challenges has taken her through Western and Eastern medicine and across country boarders. Her first book, Being 1 in 8, was written as a survival guide from the perspective of a women in the trenches of infertility.