Tony Foot

Tony Foot

Tony Foot lives in Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire and is currently retired after twenty-nine years of teaching. He has worked in a variety of roles, including a cost clerk, gardener’s labourer, drayman (on and off for about seven years), and at one point in the sixties he started three jobs in two days. He also has a Bachelor and Masters degree.

In his spare time, Tony follows his interest into family research and he has been able to trace back his own family to the Domesday Book – details of this were published in his autobiography “A Dorset Footprint”, with Stockwell.

Latest Book

Tony’s latest book is a historical novel following two different members of the Rifle Brigade.

Captain James Fortune and Sergeant John Finch both reside in the same village in Hampshire. Though they may share the same geography, they do not share the same social status. They lead very different lives, but two factors link them together.

The story opens as rumours circulate regarding the likelihood of the outbreak of the war and the regiment is subsequently posted to the Crimean Peninsula. The army lands and we follow Fortune and Finch from the battle of the Alma to the eventual fall of Sevastopol, where both men are involved in a secret and dangerous mission.

Will they survive the war and their mission? Or will only one of them discover the truth behind their familial bond?

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