Stuart Fifield

Stuart Fifield was born in Islington and spent his early years in Uganda and Kenya. He later obtained a Master’s degree in music from the University of Cape Town. He then embarked on a career as a concert soloist, singing baritone repertoire. Back in the UK, Stuart became a partner in a business enterprise, before being a school music teacher. Today he continues to teach, plays the clarinet to relax and is the Musical Director of the East Grinstead Concert Band. Stuart is currently writing his fifth novel, The Veil of Destiny.

Latest Book

Stuart’s latest book is the third in the Eccentric in Lucca series. Family Concerns explores the exciting and troublesome lives of the residents in Lucca, Italy. A fourth murder has taken place and Inspector Conti is no closer to solving any of them…

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Previous Books

Stuart has previously published three novels with The Book Guild; Errant Angels: An Eccentric in Lucca Book 1, Feelings of Guilt: An Eccentric in Lucca Book 2, and The Gershom Scroll: Further Journeys of Rupert Winfield.