Liz Parker

Liz Parker was born in India. At the age of four she was sent to boarding school in England. She studied theatre at R.A.D.A and married Ronald Fraser. They divorced after seven years and she was left to bring up their two daughters. Her second husband passed away and she then had a son to care for. Liz developed cancer, but after a successful unorthodox treatment she decided to leave England at the age of 59. She bought a run down Taverna and Yacht Club on a tiny island in Greece where she still resides today. Her middle daughter helped to run the idyllic outpost until she tragically passed away at a very young age.

Latest Book

Liz Parker’s latest book is written with humour and sensitivity; contrasting Liz’s flamboyant life style of a time in theatre and films where she met famous starts, to a life of struggle and hardship as a single parent.

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