David Wood

David Wood OBE is an award-winning actor and writer, and has starred in many television classic serials, comedies and children’s programmes. As a playwright, he is best known as ‘the national children’s dramatist’ (The Times). David has written 75 plays for children, including 8 adaptations of Roald Dahl books, which have been performed all over the world. He has published more than 20 children’s books and has also written a musical.

Latest Books

The first written memoir about the cult classic film, IF…., which was directed by the very talented Lindsay Anderson in 1968. David Wood co-starred as one of the three rebel schoolboys in a public school, alongside Malcolm McDowell (Mick) and Richard Warwick (Wallace), and they led the revolution against authority – which was regarded by many as a metaphor for the social and political situation in the UK.

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