David Happold

David Happold was born, raised and educated in Salisbury, England but now lives in Australia. He has lived in Africa for many years (Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria and Malawi) where he taught zoology in several universities  He is the author of several books (including Ecology of African Mammals, The Mammals of Nigeria, Mammals of Africa and African Naturalist) and is the author of 86 scientific papers and chapters in books. David is currently an Emeritus Fellow of the Australian University after retiring as Reader in Zoology.

Latest Book

Africa from East to West describes a journey across the width of Africa from Massawa on the Red Sea coast of Eritrea to Cape Verde in Senegal. Most of this journey was through the semi-arid regions just south of the Sahara desert – at about 15˚N – although the author also went further south through the savannas and rainforests of West Africa. The journey took place between 1965 and 1967, a relatively peaceful time in Africa when most countries had just attained Independence from colonial rule.

Each chapter covers a different section of the journey (beginning in the east). There are also chapters about a special expedition to Jebel Marra, a remote volcanic crater in Dafur Province of Sudan, and what it was like living and working in Khartoum (Sudan) and Ibadan (Nigeria) in the 1960s. The book ends with a contemplation of how Africa has changed since the 1960s, now that the ‘old Africa’ has gone forever.

The book will be published on 28th October 2018.