Patients, Pills and Partridges

Patients, Pills and Partridges

By Dr. Tom Ferrier

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: Aug. 28, 2020


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Categories: Health and Wellbeing, History, Politics and Society, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781913208912


A Country Doctor's Tales of the 1970s.

Born on the day after D-Day, 1944, into an ordinary family in a poorer part of Bristol, Dr. Ferrier recounts how it was possible to achieve a place at a London teaching hospital, seemingly against the odds, and how he became a family doctor.

Patients, Pills and Partridges encapsulates what it was like to work as a doctor in those times. His stories reflect a different way of living with approaches to practicing medicine in a community that seemed to be overlooked, if not lost.

Patients saw their own doctors. Babies were born at home. Injuries were dealt with on the spot or in the surgery's treatment room. Same-day appointments and home visits were the norms. After-hours care was managed by a rota system of partners and co-operation with neighbouring practices. Doctors lived, worked and played in the same location as their patients, sharing cafés, pubs and restaurants; churches, clubs and local societies. They knew their patients intimately and continuity of care was of paramount importance.

Dr. Ferrier recalls days with his beloved, but battered red Triumph Spitfire sports car; dressed in a Norfolk jacket and deer-stalker hat; resplendent with a bushy moustache and mutton-chop sideburns, horn-rimmed glasses, stethoscope in a hip pocket, and a shiny briar pipe gently enfolded in the palm of an outstretched hand.

Was this a golden age with lessons for the future or just a time to be savoured with nostalgia?


Amazon (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

A colleague of mine recommended this book to me and I’m really glad that they did. A booked packed full of witty moments and some that even made me laugh out loud. I found the song about the beetle men and intermedial school rivalries hilarious. I would most certainly recommend it.

Amazon Customer (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

This was highly recommended to me by a friend and did not disappoint!

A fascinating insight into how much doctors have changed over the years with some very telling lessons.

Definitely would recommend to others including those who don’t necessarily think this would be their thing.

Amazon Customer (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

Picked this up as a doctor friend recommended it. Was a bit unsure as not usually my cup of tea.

Suffice to say I read this in two sittings. Thoroughly recommend it.

Witty, well written and content that makes you long for the English countryside.

Wise words for those interested in a career in medicine. A must-read for those who enjoy a bit of Doc Martin.

John H. (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

An interesting and amusing account of a doctor from the West Country joining a GP practice in Norfolk. Well worth reading.

Amazon Customer (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

Apart from the amusing stories that let us into village life in 1970’s Britain, Dr. Ferrier writes beautifully about the natural world around him. A great story-teller he is also a wonderful observer of human nature and it’s fascinating how he solves problems thinking laterally for his patients by looking beyond the pills and potions to the person in front of him. If you are looking for entertainment these are real stories that let us into real-life tragedy and triumph. If you are setting out in the medical profession I am sure you could learn from his creativity and his bedside manners.

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