Till All the Seas

Till All the Seas

By Jane Whiteford

Publication Date: Aug. 28, 2022


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Categories: Historical, Romance

ISBN: 9781915122575


Northwest England, 1837.

Two children, taken forcefully from their families and renamed Jacob and Mary, grow up with other taken children on an isolated farm where they are put to work.

As they grow up the friendship between Jacob and Mary blossoms into love and Jacob plans their escape. When an opportunity arises, they run away to find the family he has never forgotten. They marry and look forward to a future together until an unexpected and painful separation tears them apart.

Fortune, good and bad, with its many twists and turns, challenges their love for each other as it takes them on their different paths. Can Jacob and Mary find their way back to each other?


Jane Whiteford spent her early childhood abroad as her father served in the British army and attended boarding school in England from the age of eleven. She graduated from Leeds University and taught French for several years. Jane is married with two grown-up children, and lives in North Lancashire.


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