The Marble Curse

By Richard Vincent

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: March 28, 2021


Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781913551674


A mysterious parcel. A plea for help. A vicious curse.

Joe Raven is an inventor of small gadgets with extraordinary power. He and his sister, Beth, discover a mysterious parcel in their garden. Inside is a silver bird, a blank guidebook and a note from an unknown 'Granelda' seeking their help to overcome a vicious curse.

Joe and Beth set out on their mission to follow Granelda's clues and their journey catapults them back to 1789 where they become embroiled with the creator of this ghastly curse. In a race against time, the two siblings must find an antidote, save the citadel and return to home safely.

Can they make it, or will their perilous path prove too challenging to overcome?

Richard Vincent is Emeritus Professor at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and worked as a Consultant Cardiologist in Brighton hospitals for many years. As well as having over 120 papers published, he has also produced 60 educational videos and has presented children’s talks at the Royal Institution and the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in London. He was a British Heart Foundation Lecturer, speaking across the UK. For several years he has been teaching science at home to his nine middle-grade grandchildren, observing that his teaching is often accompanied by experiments not included in official curricula! He lives in East Sussex.


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