A Dangerous Riddle of Chance

A Dangerous Riddle of Chance

By F. L. Ying

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2021


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Categories: Young Adult, Young Children

ISBN: 9781913551988


An adventure-mystery that sees an unlikely group of friends face the biggest challenges of their lives. Chance the harlequin and his sidekick, Henry de Poisson must solve a riddle to extend his life, in order to save planet earth from destruction, and defeat Chance’s enemy Dr Slatane De’Aff who confronts him at the circus at World’s End.  In a mission predicted by a ghostly soothsayer, Cecil-the-Thin, Chance must help to unite the Three Kingdoms (one of animals, one of flora and that of humans) against the terrifying threat of evil and annihilation.   


With their young friends, Tim Needles (10), Lotte Pert (13) and Ram the dog, they face dangers beyond their imagining. Time is running out for Chance - magically, and unexpectedly, brought to life from a wooden statue, has only 99 days, before he disappears in smoke from the face of the earth. The children think it’s just a big adventure, but in danger of being destroyed by the sinister De’Aff and the Custodians of Terror from the Alterworld.


Can the precious Gem of Knowledge in Chance’s possession with its magical powers save them from destruction? Can good triumph over evil? Is it now too late?

F. L.Ying is a retired Osteopath living in London. This is his first novel for young adults.


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