Your Truth and My Lies

Your Truth and My Lies

By Tracy May

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Jan. 28, 2022


Categories: Contemporary, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781913913892



Two sixteen-year-old girls. Formerly best friends.

Laura longs to be loved, the problem is, she doesn’t believe she’s worthy of it. Her attempts to find Mr Right have only led to a bad girl reputation and a person she no longer recognises as herself. After a devastating incident at a summer party, Laura is forced to re-evaluate her life. 

Jess is gorgeous and smart with a good girl reputation, but all is not perfect in Jess’s world. The death of her baby brother leads to her mum’s breakdown, and as Jess struggles to come to terms with her new reality she develops obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Through the hurt, betrayal, loss and heartbreak, Laura and Jess’s lives become entangled again, in a story that’s real and compelling.

There’s one thing that both Jess and Laura will come to understand: no matter what has happened in their pasts, it doesn’t have to define their future.

This is Tracy May’s first novel. As well as writing, Tracy loves reading, eating, running and cuddling her cat Pongo. Tracy has a degree in Psychology and is a qualified Life Coach. Tracy works in London as an Executive Assistant, and her and her husband John, split their time between Ongar, Essex and St Leonard’s on Sea, Sussex.


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