For the Love of a Life

For the Love of a Life

By Simon Holder

Format: Paperback

(4 customer reviews)

Publication Date: Sept. 28, 2021


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Categories: Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781913913427


For the Love of a Life is a gentle but intricate international tale of love, set in modern-day China.

Growing up in the aftermath of Mao’s China as it breaks out of its past, Berenice, a beautiful young Chinese girl living in Beijing, finds herself struggling to overcome the abuse inflicted upon her when she was a child. 

As she tries to become a successful businesswoman, this trauma causes a series of events that eventually lead her to meet two very different men, both of whom will change her life. Caught between her own fears and the desires of others, can she find the happiness she craves or is she forever tainted?

For the Love of a Life is an intimate and searching novel that explores the deepest emotions of a girl who wants both success and true love, but at what cost?

Simon Holder has spent most of his life in broadcast TV. He worked at London Weekend Television for many years on a galaxy of diverse programs, from situation comedy to drama and sport; he also co-wrote several comedy sketches that were performed on shows such as The Two Ronnies and That’s Life. He subsequently moved to BBC West creating documentaries and then worked freelance at Sky TV, Channel 4, Central, Anglia, and the BBC in London. He had a stint at a TV company in Beijing, where much of the background material to this novel was culled. He now lives in Wiltshire with his Chinese wife, Xiaomei, who helped greatly with the intricacies of Chinese culture for this novel.



Serpina Wang (Guest Review) - 11 Oct, 2021

I loved this book. As a Chinese woman living in England, I was intrigued by the perceptions of a British author telling a tale about a young girl in China. It struck many chords and I thought it deeply moving, very well written and enjoyed the twisting but lucid narrative, which was always very engaging. From another point of view, I think that British women particularly would enjoy this as it gives many insights into the interaction concerning perceptions of our two countries – and inter-racial relationships, too. Highly recommended.

caroline stuart (Guest Review) - 17 Oct, 2021

Intriguing and fascinating insight into the mind of a young Chinese woman growing up in modern China with conflicting emotions of her desire for love and success with her determination to escape from her turbulent past. The story lifts the lid off the machinations of the harsh reality of the fascile workings of office politics in new China this case fashion and design and the back stabbing that can go on behind the facade of normality. This unusual story of love, loss and revenge and how Berence, the young woman, in her search for everlasting love with men from her own ethnicity as well as Westerners is a revelation .

caroline stuart (Guest Review) - 18 Oct, 2021

This is an intriguing story of the turmoil of a young Chinese woman tussling with her everyday life when growing up in the China of today in her search fo r love, wealth and happiness. It is a saga of u nstable love, loss and revenge against the backdrop of brutal office politics and her dilemma having to choose between two differe nt men, who might ultimately save her from self destruction. An engaging read! Well written and leads the reader hanging on in anticipation for t he denoument when it comes as a surprise. Recommended.

Alvin Burgess (Guest Review) - 19 Oct, 2021

What an engaging read! A very clever plot coupled with deep insights into the human psyche. Once I started I could not resist the suspense and was quickly lured to the next chapter, so in three days the book was read! The start was quite traumatic and set the background for the main character (Berenice) and throughout the novel this trauma came into play in many different ways. The feeling that this novel left me was how we are all 'puppets' being pulled and also pulling on emotional strings. Great book to take on holiday, highly recommended - buy and you will not be disappointed.

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