East of the East Wind

East of the East Wind

By Nils-Johan Jorgensen

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: Feb. 23, 2012


Categories: Young Children

ISBN: 9781846246623


This is the second collection of illustrated tales by the author of North of the North Wind. It has four stories and will delight imaginative children everywhere. The tender and touching 'A Snow Ballerina in a Red Cap' is set in the haunting marshy landscape that is home to the Japanese crane. The young Izumi learns about the cranes from her grandmother and befriends a baby crane. They grow up together, dance together. When she is older, Izumi goes to the city to become a maiko. Years later she returns to the marsh, is reunited with her old friend and dances with her - but all too briefly.

'Monty and Mozart' shows us a dog's life - from a dog's viewpoint. It has a little sting in the tail.

In 'Barbed Wire' a young boy comes to understand what 'the enemy' means. The island where he lives is occupied, his school closed down and fenced around with barbed wire. Later it becomes a camp with prisoners. The boy tries to make contact with one - the outcome is ambiguous. 'My Cinema' -the magic of the silver screen in an incongruous setting, but real nonetheless to a small boy.

These are four beautifully crafted but very different stories, which share their author's qualities of knowledge, insight and compassion.


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