A Captain’s Ransom: Modern Day Piracy & the Dangers

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  • Author Name: Captain Alex "Joe" Westland
  • Publication Date: 28/05/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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Captain Alex Westland, now a retired ship’s captain and ex-fishing captain, recounts when, on 14th May 2013, he was attacked, taken hostage and held captive in a Niger Delta Jungle.

“I was awakened by loud banging and crashing noises and realised immediately that my vessel was being attacked. Lying in the bottom of this small boat, the fear became unbearable. Little did I know then that there was a lot more to come.”

During his days spent in the jungle, he could think of nothing else except when he would be killed – and how he would never see his wife, family or friends again. Captain Westland has written this book primarily for catharsis as he still experiences nightmares and flashbacks today. He has also written it to serve as a warning to anyone considering to work in what he terms ‘the pirate capital of the world’ – Nigeria, West Africa. “I feel there is not sufficient warning given to the British public regarding the dangers in Nigeria,” comments Captain Westland. Forced into early retirement from the incident, he hopes that his story is taken as a warning to anyone contemplating a career in West Africa.

3 reviews for A Captain’s Ransom: Modern Day Piracy & the Dangers

  1. Irene Strang

    “Wow” what a book. I don’t really cry a lot however this book had me in tears, some for joy and some for fear. A gripping true story about someone I know. The detail that Joe has put into the book is truly amazing and has you gripped right up until the last word. Totally changes your perspective on the life of many others who work in the same dangerous environment. A must read for all ages.

  2. Lee G

    I honestly couldnt put this book down. A very detailed account of a horrific true story! Would definitely recommend.

  3. Amazon review

    A graphic account of the perils of working in Africa well worth a read!

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