The Spain Quiz


  • Author Name: Ruta Czina
  • Publication Date: 28/11/17
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083220


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The Spain Quiz is the first in a planned series of cultural quiz books by Ruta Czina, who worked for a tourist agency in Lithuania and used to travel a lot in Europe. Ruta worked with the best tour guides and has visited all European countries, except but a few where she would make quizzes for customers on the tour buses that she worked on. After seeing how much the tourists enjoyed taking her quizzes, she started to write them down and this is where her idea for The Spain Quiz was formed.

Ruta is fascinated by different cultures and the beauty and mastery that each and every country has to offer. Ruta dreams of rising people’s attention from lack, prejudices, judgements, even racism, to beauty and uniqueness of every human being and their cultural heritage. The book is set out into 19 different sections covering: general facts, celebrations, production, literature, cuisine, language, geography, fashion, culture, music, regions, history, architecture, dance, art, cities and towns, inventions, cinema and sports.

Author Ruta Czina lives in Oslo, Norway and spends a lot of her time travelling with her family. Ruta has a “France Quiz” and “Italy Quiz” in the works and would like to continue to create fun quiz books.


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