How to Physically Develop an Elite Soccer Player: Ages 8-16

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  • Author Name: Matteo Conti and Jeff Lewis
  • Publication Date: 24/11/2016
  • Format: Paperback

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Youth soccer is growing as the demand and finances within the game increase, and more youth players seek a professional contract at 16. Developing the key physical qualities for success, however, requires many factors. The complexity of this has increased with the expansion of sports science and coaches often miss key points or get lost in jargon.

Using their experience working within elite academies, Matteo and Jeff provide readers with key information whilst illustrating their points with easy-to-follow, age-specific drills. The first of its kind, this book is appropriate for elite level academies but also amateur academy teams.

Although there is no guarantee of having an elite soccer player at the end of the physical pathway provided within the book, physical qualities are just one piece of the jigsaw. The book’s long-term plan will prepare players for the physical demands that are required from soccer, and place them in an excellent position of getting a professional contract.

“Matteo and Jeff are excellent practitioners who have developed their skills working with some of the most talented young football players in the country. This book will be a superb resource for those wishing to develop the physical qualities of future players whether that be grass roots or elite.” Mark Armitage, English FA Consultant

3 reviews for How to Physically Develop an Elite Soccer Player: Ages 8-16

  1. Steven

    Great book in helping develop my two children. Highly recommended. Goes the extra mile

  2. James Burns

    Great help for my coaching. Given me new ideas on what I should be doing with my youth side.

  3. John Burke

    This book has not been put down.

    Its helped me plan and periodise my team sessions on a weekly, monthly and seasonl basis.

    Well worth a read

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