Under the Hat


  • Author Name: Linda Porter and Helen Cozens
  • Publication Date: 28/01/18
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083374

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A further addition to Under the Hood (ISBN 9781910298350) and Under the Bed (ISBN 9781911320104), this time it’s about keeping things under your hat and what can happen when it falls or gets stuck. Written in conjunction with counsellor Helen Cozens, Under the Hat contains more true stories about client’s experiences and what can happen in therapy.

Linda and Helen have both been working with clients for over twenty years and they now share some of the same stories of the kind of problems that they have to face when working. The book is packed with information about the different types of therapies that are available, what to expect during therapy, what not to expect during therapy; and it also includes a lot of DIY tools for self help.

The book is suitable for adults and it follows family history through generations and it’s fascinating explanations will resonate with many readers.

Author Linda Porter is a psychological therapist. Linda specialises in depression and all forms of abuse, as well as working with people who have paranormal experiences. Linda founded the Sunshine Project in 2003 to bring therapy into the community at affordable rates.


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