IVF Got This


  • Author Name: Colette Centeno Fox
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2020
  • Format: Paperback

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IVF Got This is a heartfelt memoir charting Colette and her husband Michael’s fertility journey. Experiencing infertility is a painful challenge, and yet the impacts are rarely discussed in the open.

Like many suffering with similar anxieties, Colette was afraid of missing out on her dream of becoming a mum. She details her emotional journey, through suffering traumatic baby losses, monthly setbacks and frustrating waiting times whilst coping with the ongoing confusion of how to relate this to the people around her.

The book is a refreshingly honest and intimate account of the IVF process, one, which offers practical insight into the often long and complicated but remarkable journey which fertility treatment can offer.

Note: Cover design may vary. IVF Got This comes in two different colours!

Colette Centeno Fox lives with her husband and twin children in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. She has a degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management and works in a luxury travel agency part-time – spending the rest of the time with her family. In 1998, Colette won Miss Philippines (while living there) and went on to compete in Miss International in Japan before moving to England. While living in the Philippines, Colette became a well-known TV host and model.


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