Under the Bed: What’s Really Going On?


  • Author Name: Linda Porter
  • Publication Date: 27/10/2016
  • Format: Paperback

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As society has developed, so have their attitudes toward sex. Linda asserts that more people than ever are having sex, just for fun. Through the use of real-life stories, Linda explores the failures and successes of sexual exploration, as well as the safety and emotional issues raised in each part of the book.

She looks into falling in love and having sex in a relationship. The stories used in these chapters demonstrate that sex is very often no about intercourse.

The later chapters in Linda’s book look at the darker side of sex and relationships. From having sex for money to sexual abuse, Linda uses true stories to give insights into why people behave this way. She uses these stories as a tool for healing.

Linda also focuses on removing taboos related to sex and relationships. She suggests that therapists and counsellors need to release their own prejudices so that they are able to listen to modern behavior without fear or discomfort. She hopes that her latest book will help towards this happening.


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