Science and Religion


  • Author Name: W.A. Sumner
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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W.A. Sumner was challenged recently, by a gentleman of sound Methodist conviction, to write a book on Science and Religion. He accepted the challenge, knowing that this would not be an easy matter, but worthwhile nevertheless.

Sumner has written something that is comprehendible for the average reader, without making it too high-flown or too simplistic. Science is constantly changing in its pronouncements. The same is less true with Religion. Essentially, religion is a matter of faith and personal conviction, and mercifully, in this country at least, there is the freedom to consider matters for oneself and not be forced into some kind of doctrinal set thinking.

Science and Religion will attempt to reach beyond the disagreements between Evolutionists and Christians of a certain persuasion, namely, the Fundamentalists.

W. A. Sumner studied theology at Hull University and achieved an M Litt from Oxford University. He has spent many years as a teacher and preacher in schools and churches. He is a reader of the Diocese of Birmingham and is also a hospital chaplain. W. A. Sumner is the author of The Theology of Truth (2017) and Myth, Legend & Symbolism (2019).


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