A New Look at the Solar System


  • Author Name: Ian Niall Rankin
  • Publication Date: 29/10/2015
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781910508473

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This book is about the impending disaster that is fast heading towards Earth. Some scientists, because of the way the Earth?s magnetic field is behaving, believe that some thirty years from now that magnetic field will no longer exist. I believe this signals disaster…’

‘For some three centuries gravity has been given this pre-eminent role as, effectively, the only force governing movement in the solar system. It has been wearing the emperor’s new clothes for far too long. It is time the emperor got dressed again.’

A New Look at the Solar System will fascinate not only lovers of catastrophe theories, but also anyone open-minded enough to entertain radical ideas about the nature of the universe. Its ideas are so ground-breaking they deserve the widest possible attention.


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