The Theology of Truth


  • Author Name: W.A. Sumner
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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The Theology of Truth begins with a review of the different types of truth or certainty, ranging from mathematical realities through to theological ideas. The rest of the book is a selection of different scriptural materials from around the world. The writers of these materials all claim, directly or indirectly, to tell us the truth about life and death. Author W. A. Sumner uses certain parts of the Bible, Old and New Testament, and places them alongside each other to draw comparisons between them.

Sumner goes on to outline the various forms of truth ranging from mathematics to art and on to philosophical and theological. He analyses each book of scripture on that framework. He aims to have done this with a certain degree of objectivity.

The importance of this book lies in the factor that not every piece of scripture is actually of the truth, or spiritual enhancing. The author has chosen various types of literature to illustrate the different genres available to illustrate his theories.


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