Walking My Patch


  • Author Name: Brian Rance
  • Publication Date: 25/07/2013
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781846249426

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Picking up the walking boots where Finding My Place kicked them off, Walking my Patch is an invitation to enjoy seven more long-distant journeys in the company of ‘Kentish Man’ Brian Rance, as he navigates around the Kent and East Sussex countryside.

But this is more than just a walking guide book; it is a celebration of this part of southern England, revelling in its landscape and history, and the unusual encounters that inevitably occur along the way. In addition to documenting the personal, challenging nature of the walks – the painful knees, aching limbs and the regular local pub breaks – the book contains over a hundred illustrative plates, which include route maps, in-depth historical information, points of interest and notable landmarks, countryside regulations and descriptive wildlife profiles, and a selection of the author’s own ‘place’ poems.

The depth and detail of the book make it not only an ideal companion for those embarking on the documented walks, but also essential reading for lovers of the great outdoors and protectors of a diminishing landscape; Brian Rance passionately depicts what he sees, but also offers his visionary eye to paint a picture of how this part of the country could be improved with further planning, development and care.