The Metropolis of Glass


  • Author Name: Chloe Lee
  • Publication Date: 28/05/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320890


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‘The Metropolis of Glass’ is a poetry collection touching on many aspects of modern-day society. It spans a panoply of topics, including divorce, infidelity, loneliness and our rising use of social media. Chloe’s intelligent insights into the negative impacts of our world’s growing digitalisation, particularly on the younger generation, combine with her creative writing talents to create a poignant and relevant read.

‘But here they sat,

In front of their only medium,

Gripping steadfastly ahead,

Prolonging whatever would be left,

Minute by minute, even

Second by second, before she

Was engulfed once again into

The void of uncertainty’

Chloe’s  collection provides comments on various topics, including poverty and the positive and negative issues often displayed in social interactions. Despite its sometimes negative tone, Chloe finishes her collection with a hopeful and optimistic outlook on society. It has been inspired by John Rushkin’s ‘The Stones of Venice’.


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