Tails You Win

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  • Author Name: Gill Rowe
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/01/2020

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Tails You Win is an engaging collection of poems written from the dogs’ perspective. It is the seventh book of original metric rhyming verse by Gill Rowe and contains beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

Starting with the Afghan Hound and Airedale Terrier, Tails You Win charmingly encapsulates the traits and personalities of fifty different dogs. Whether you’re dotty about Dalmatians, mad about Miniature Dachshunds or crazy for Cavaliers, there’s truly something for everyone in this cheery homage to dogs.

Gill Rowe is the author of Pirouetting Hippos, How Do I Look?, You’re Telling Me!, Widening Horizons, A Whiff of Rosemary and Stalking the Crilbit. A few of the dogs in Tails You Win have made an appearance in an earlier volume.

Gill has worked as a freelance journalist and teacher. She also paints and has exhibited in London and elsewhere. Married, with children and grandchildren, she lives in London. Over the years canine family members have included Cairn Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds and Labradors.

12 reviews for Tails You Win

  1. C.S.

    In our troubled world, this book is a delight to the soul, sure to bring a smile. Both the author and artist understand and portray the character and nature of dogs beautifully.

  2. Brittany L

    I thought these poems were really cute. Actually learned things about the breeds I didn’t know and I loved the drawings throughout, although I would have loved a drawing for each dog.

  3. Jess S

    A fine collection of poems and line drawings for all manner of breeds of dog lovers. Each poem is a glimpse into the nature of the eponymous canine, coupled with a portrait.

  4. Bethany Y

    This was a cute little poetry collection. I liked how each dog’s voice was distinctive and it had a cute and heartwarming message at the center. This book would make a wonderful stocking filler gift for someone as it is short and very, very sweet.

  5. Lorie S

    Cute poems, this is the kind of book that I would add to my collection of dog books already on my coffee table. I wish it had more illustrations, and what about Border Collies, Corgis, German Shepherds and Chihuahuas? Cute overall though if you’re a dog lover.

  6. Amanda A

    I have a couple of students who are crazy about dogs. I may select particular poems in this book to work on appropriate pace and fluency with repeated readings. The poems are cute, though some of the rhyming doesn’t feel overly natural. The drawings are lovely, but not what I expected based on the cover illustration.

  7. Madolyn D

    The illustrations scattered throughout this book are so incredibly sweet! It’s a fun, quick read in the mind of different dog breeds. Definitely a book to recommend for those who are a fan of dogs and poetry!

  8. Annie L

    A truly wonderful Book of Poems about our Canine Friends & Companions from their perspective about their own Breeds High & Low points. I especially liked the one about the Bagel ( & yes this is a Breed it’s a cross between a Beagle & a Basset Hound ). I also greatly enjoyed those about The Old English Sheep Dog ( Dulux Paint Dog ) & finally The Yorkshire Terrier. For anyone who has or does own Dogs this is a delightful Book to read.

  9. Sarah J

    ‘Tails you win’ is a most delightful book of poems, hard to put down, and appealing to anyone who loves dogs, whatever age they might be. Beautifully crafted doggy observations, and lovely to read out loud as a bedtime story too.

  10. Jessica P

    Such a wonderful collection of poetry that will really make you smile and chuckle. “Cockapoo“ one of my personal favourites and the line drawings are such a lovely touch. A great gift for a dog lover, truly lovely!

  11. Tamara Stokes

    This was such a great book for dog lovers, I enjoyed the truth within each poem , it is such a nod to all breeds and shares the love of each one with the reader . So many people have many different types of dogs in their life – this is an ode to all of them !

  12. Reviewer 266180

    Delightful Ditties For Dog Lovers…

    A delightful collection of ditties for dog lovers. A plethora of dogs and a plethora of rhymes from the perspectives of the dogs themselves. Equally delightful hand-drawn illustrations complete the package.

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